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shimSpecialists in safe and efficient management of remote access operations

Specialists in safe and efficient management of remote access operations.

Alder Projects Ltd

Alder Projects Ltd currently operates throughout Scotland and the North of England.

The primary role of the company is to operate as a civil engineering and building contractor.

The company was initially set up to service the physical infrastructure requirements of the mobile telecommunications sector, but has developed an excellent reputation as a general Civil Engineering Contractor with a broad base of clients specialising in small project works.

We employ a dedicated team of professional and skilled individuals, who have extensive experience in civil engineering and building projects. This experience has been utilised with success to install a logical and common sense approach to the construction and subsequent rollout of effective telecommunications networks.

Our main office is located near Stirling in Central Scotland . This location allows us excellent access via road, rail and air to carry out work throughout Scotland and the North of England.

Our main aim is to offer our clients a professional service, which is tailored to meet with their needs. We endeavour to deliver this service by good communication and teamwork.

Our philosophy is not to tell clients how good we are, but to deliver a quality product that is value for money; this allows our clients to make their own mind up about our service.

We also have a policy of obtaining regular feedback from our clients, which is analysed, and any suggestions to review or make changes to our service will be taken on board. We have no doubts that our pride in our company and reputation will ensure that our clients will come back to us for repeat business.

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