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Installation of feeder cable management systems and site power.

New tower build including feeder cable management & electrical work

Installation of feeder cable management systems and site power.

Installation of feeder cable management systems and site power.

Cable laying in Scottish Highlands.

Cable laying in Scottish Highlands.

Cable trench excavation in Lanarkshire.

Cable trench excavation in Lanarkshire.

Reinstated trench.

Reinstated trench.


Acquisition & Planning

We offer advice on effective site selection in order that sites can practically and economically be built and also have a higher chance of making it through the planning process at the first attempt. We would also make an assessment on the availability of key services and that they can be installed to meet with the client's rollout programme and within budget. We can carry out feasibility studies in order that prospective sites can be accurately evaluated prior to acquisition.


We offer professional advice on the buildability of sites once they have been nominated. We can attend nomination surveys with an appointed consultant engineer to offer advice on the safest, efficient and economic way to construct a proposed site. At this survey would take in to account the aesthetics of a proposed design and its likely impact on the surrounding environment, as it is vital that we increase the chance of the site being successful in planning approval at the first attempt.


Rooftop Sites

This work is higher risk and must be carried out safely. Therefore we ensure that we carefully plan all aspects of construction of rooftop sites as far in advance as permitted. We ensure that the site is designed in order that the contract can be executed safely and to an agreed programme of works without any subsequent delay or disruption. Where possible we are keen to offer advice on safe alternative methods of construction that can minimise programme times and reduce construction costs.

Our personnel are experienced and fully trained in the skills required to carry out the tasks on a rooftop site as follows:

  • Steel fabrication and erection work

  • Resin anchors and bolt pull-out tests

  • Supply and installation of edge protection

  • Concrete and steel support plinth works

  • Waterproofing

  • Internal equipment room fit outs

  • Lightning protection works

  • Contract crane lifts

  • Rope access work

  • Electrical work to NICEIC 16th Edition test standard.

  • Cable tray and ladder rack installation to support feeder and electrical cables.

Greenfield Sites

(includes site-shares and upgrades of existing sites)

We currently employ personnel who have a sound agricultural knowledge and experience.We have utilised this knowledge and experience with great success to date. As a direct result we have won the confidence and respect of numerous site providers on greenfield sites, this has also greatly enhanced our client's reputation around the country. We pride ourselves in respecting the surrounding environment of the workplace. We have proved time and time again, that by making the site provider aware and regularly informed of all elements of our works programme, contributes to the contract running very efficiently and an early hand over to the client.

Our personnel are experienced and fully trained in the skills required to carry out the tasks on a greenfield site as follows:

  • Site Clearance.

  • Access tracks constructed to meet with local planning requirements.

  • Excavations

  • Drainage

  • Concrete works

  • Landscape works

  • Tree & Shrub planting

  • Kerbing and Tarmacadam works.

  • Remote access works utilising 4 wheel drive vehicles and All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) with experienced operators.

  • Helicopter lifting work utilising trained ground crews

  • Security and stock-proof fencing

  • Working in areas of high environmental importance e.g. Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), National Parks, and Areas of Scenic Beauty.

  • Working within areas requiring specialist training e.g. Railway and Transco Property, Public Highways etc.

  • Logistical assistance with transporting personnel, materials, plant and equipment to site.

  • Lightning Protection Services.

  • Electrical Work to NICEIC 16th Edition Test Standard.

  • Cable tray and ladder rack support systems to feeder and electrical cables.

  • Construction of fully serviced buildings designed to house equipment.


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